ERGL23S24CV8D (3000K – 5000K)

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The LED Module CV Kit is a prefect solution for all of?your troffer, cove, showcase, rail, refrigeration, and?display lighting needs. The kit includes 8 LED modules, a 100W ArchiLume LED Driver, and a set of mounting / connecting hardware.

  • Troffer
  • Cove
  • Showcase
  • Rail
  • Refrigeration
  • Display

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Product Features

Highly reflective white solder mask, Low-profile push connectors, UL-Recognized components, Reinforced double-plated FR4 substrate, LM80 Tested LEDs, Max Board Temp at Tc point: 85 degrees


Troffer, Cove, Showcase, Rail, Refrigeration, Display

Retrofit Kit - Linear

8 LED Modules

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