LEDsMagazine April/May 2017.  Peter Erwin of Der Lichtpeter and Peter W. Shackle of Photalume (Designer of ERG Lighting’s Driverless AC LED Modules), go into detail about the history and mathematical basis of the new CFD measure for flicker and compare how multiple light engines, fluorescent lamps, and incandescent lamps score on the index…

Simplifying the sophisticated: LED driver selection made easy

LEDsMagazine April/May 2014.  Scott Barney, VP Sales & Marketing at ERG Lighting, takes developers through the decision-making tree for SSL systems driver selection, pointing out potential issues and highlighting the cost and benefits of common specification options…

Switching from CCFL to LED Backlighting? Explore the options available for your LCD.

As lighting topologies have advanced, backlighting technologies have evolved to keep pace. The rising prominence of LED backlights, usually in the form of rails, strings or LED arrays, has presented many manufacturers and users of display power supplies with a number of options.

When designing at the board level, there are always new things to consider.

With the emergence of new lighting applications and a plethora of novel capabilities that LED-based solid-state lighting systems promise to ring us, engineers and lighting designers will have the ability to transform the way we see the world.

Long life to you – till then.

Two of the things that make SSL attractive are its low power requirement and the long life of LEDs; for practical, everyday lighting, LEDs can run on as little as 4W and last as long as 100,000 hours. So LED-based SSL promises users an efficient light source that doesn’t get dumped in a landfill every few years.